This is how it all begins. You have been warned. Zombie Research and potential containment breach exposed!


Lock and load people.  Some seriously mental malfunction biologists have begun to awaken the dead.  


Nov 07:

“By directly replacing octopamine with the octopamine agonist in the protocereberum, the team had mostly restored the cockroaches ability to walk independently. Libersat and his team suspect that `venom injection into the head ganglia selectively depresses the motivation to move by modifying the release of octopamine as a neuromodulator in restricted regions of the cockroach brain’.”

Additionally I found this unholy research from Aug 06 with an 80% infection rate:

Zombie bacteria have been created that could be used to make more stable vaccines……………………Now there could be a third option. Sandip Datta and colleagues at the University of California, San Diego, irradiated live Listeria monocytogenes with gamma rays, breaking up their DNA so that they couldn’t reproduce, but leaving enough residual metabolic activity to activate an immune response. When injected into mice, the “zombie” bugs prevented reinfection in 80 per cent of cases (Immunity, DOI: 10.1016/j.immuni.2006.05.013).

As you can see the Nov, reckless, biological experimentation on Zombies has obviously slipped containment.  Is there a connection to the seemingly random mass shootings in Omaha, Salt Lake City, Vegas?  Is there a government cover up here?  My Zombie hunter senses are twitching right now.  The good news for the country is that the Midwest freeze we’re going through right now will help slow the spread of the virus.  Maybe it will be sufficient to allow for our black ops govt Zombie Commandos to contain the mess.  I doubt it.  The timing of this  freeze in itself is suspicious.  Have the govt types brushed off the Regan SDI skunk works and activated a weather machine to produce this effect?  Hmm, I’ll have to dig more for that.

Time to brush off your contingency plans and reload your mags people.

For a quick refresher, if you’ve misplaced your Zombie survival guide, visit this outstanding site for quick tips. 


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