How Star Trek and the NFL gave the world Obama

     I was getting ready to hop on a plane (that’s a big flying mode of transportation for your Marcus fans out there) and cruising through this weeks Sports Illustrated.   While doing so I came across a 5 sentence blurb that just about freaked me out.  Long story short is that I had never put two and two together to realize the DNC owes Obama to Star Trek and the NFL.  Oh yes they most certainly do……………..

It goes like this.

1.   In 2004 the RNC incumbent Jack Ryan is prepping to run, and most likely skunk, an unknown Chicago lawyer named Obama for the Chicago U.S. Senate seat.   Problem is is that he married, and then got dumped by Star Trek Hottie Jeri Ryan (aka Seven of Nine).  It’s seems he took his wife, 7of9, out to sex clubs and asked her to perform sex acts in front of others.  What a complete tool.  This causing him to be dump by the RNC as well.  Jack, there’s free porn on the internet buddy.  Check it out.

2.  Where was I?  Oh yeah.  Uber Hottie Jeri Ryan, the ex.  I had to work her pic in here.  What moron would mess up this action.  Oh yeah………. Jack Ryan.

 3.  Well the Star Trek link has been shown what about the NFL?  GOP leaders then went on to try and seduce Mike Ditka to take the nomination and run against IL State Senator Obama. For those of you who don’t know Ditka is a legendary figure in Chicago that would lose to only one of the Holy Trinity in the windy city.

Mike decided to stay out of it, declaring:
“I have a lot of commitments that I’ve made previous to this coming up, some obligations to my partners here at (his) restaurant. And therefore, it’s something that I can’t do at this time.”

Obama won the Senate seat with 70% of the vote, defeating GOP fill-in opponent Alan Keyes.


 4.  Well there is how Star Trek and the NFL gave the world with Mr O himself.   Folks that is some Grade A weird shit to think about.

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4 Responses to How Star Trek and the NFL gave the world Obama

  1. Oh come one. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have sex with Jeri Ryan in public?

    Give him SOME credit for chrissakes!


  2. He’s a moron because he lest her out of his sight!

  3. talltim says:

    A simple “Vote for me, Because I’m fucking 7 of 9!” Would’nt that have saved a lot of heartburn for all of us?

  4. Well that’s what happens when a dude gets too greedy.

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