The Rat’s Bipartisian Hammer

     This weekend I decided that Rep. Joe Barton (R) of Texas is a perfect example of the jackassery of the modern Congress. As the economy is in the toilet, the administration is crippling our future with debt and the Taliban have launched a new war front what is Congress up to?  Threatening to pass legislation if college basketball doesn’t change it’s playoff format!  Talk about the most irrelevant, and trivial, of crap to waste time on.  Two things give me the raging red baboon ass about this. 

     The first is that, as mentioned above, any committee in Congress would waste a single damn minute on a worthless issues that does zero to help govern and better this country.  Does the Bowl Championship Series(BCS), which decides college football’s national champion, have any impact on the nation as a whole?  The fact that the Obamassiah hates it is mute.  I’d call every minute spent talking about it in the House fraud waste and abuse of the funds taxpayers are paying these clowns to hang out in D.C..

     The second raging red baboon ass item is that Barton has the unmitigated effrontery to threaten to pass a law if he didn’t get what he wanted.  Threatening an American public body to change ‘or else’ ?!  Is the BCS illegal?  No.  Does it cost taxpayers money?  No.  Is it a public blight, or nuisance?  No.  Is it a National Security threat?  No.  So why the hell is it even and issues?  I do understand some college sports fans have issues with it.  But does that justify Barton throwing threats like a spoiled child?  No.  Just because he is a pissed off sports fan does not give him the right to use his standing as a Congressman to throw around threats.  That’s textbook bulling and abuse of power.

WASHINGTON (CNN) The House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection held a hearing to dissect the Bowl Championship Series, asking whether the model needs to be tweaked, overhauled or done away with altogether.

Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, called the Bowl Championship Series format unfair and perhaps took it one step further. “You should either change your name to BES for Bowl Exhibition System or just drop the C and call it the BS system, because it is not about determining the championship on the field.”

Before heading out early to catch a flight, Barton made it clear that he expects to see college football change its ways or risk having lawmakers introduce legislation to impose change for them.

“I think there is better than a 50 percent chance that if we don’t see some action in the next two months on a voluntary switch to a playoff system that you will see this bill move,” he said.

Rep. Joe Barton you are acting like a brain dead bully, and a jackass, knock it off and get back to “real” work.  The fact that your a Texan makes this even more embarrassing.

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