Saturday brain dumping

As I’ve been on the road all week I’ve fallen behind on my news, sports and postings. That said I’ll be catching up over the weekend. I have had a few quick thoughts on my mind to share:

1. Size of bags people are carrying onto planes. Seriously folks, I want to punch you all in the mouth. Check the damn bag already. Why the airlines refuse to enforce the size restrictions they have now is beyond me. I can’t read my Kindle during take-off or landing, but everyone can schlep a tuba onboard if they want? Dear fellow traveler let me go ahead and answer a few of your questions. No, I won’t put my small computer bag under my feet so your obvious check-in bag can go overhead. No I won’t hand you, or help you put up, your 50 pound bag of rocks you insist on carrying onto the plane. And last, but not least, I will not trade my aisle seat for your middle seat due to some mystery knee condition you picked up in the Wakka Wakka Islands.

2. Pelosi’s press conference was quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen come out of D.C. Seems she has to figure out how to spin the fact the she was in collusion, or at least complacent, on working with the ‘evil’ Bush administration on an issue that SHE forced into the forefront of the press. Never volunteer to light torches, and sharpen pitchforks, while whipping up a mob for a witch hunt when your one of the witches.

3. The fact that the show “Chuck” is getting canceled, but crap like “Dancing with the Stars” stays on the air proves that Satan exists and is working to destroy us all.

4. I wish there was ant least ONE news network that provided actual news in a who, what, when, where format without editorializing every detail.

Enough of that though. It’s Saturday and I think I hear a cold beer calling my name.
Peace out Freaks!

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2 Responses to Saturday brain dumping

  1. killien says:

    Chuck is not canceled !!!!
    it will be back for at least a 13 episode season

  2. You are correct Sir! I just saw yesterday that they approved another season with a paired down budget. I will now do a little happy dance. Thank you.

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