FOX must really hate the geeks & hotties.

     The FOX channel must hate the geeks & hotties.  The board of programing directors must be a huge alternative lifestyle crowd.  That is all I can figure.  The Sarah Connor Chronicles is was a feast to the eyes of: guns, hotties, armageddon, death bots, hotties, good story telling and hotties with guns. In their infinite wisdom FOX has decided to cancel it.  I am now officially pissed at the cliffhanger they left us with as well.  If it wasn’t for the Family Guy and Bones I’d probably have to boycott the channel over the SCC cancelation.  Frak.

The FOX canceled shows list is below the line:

Do Not Disturb

Hole in the Wall

King of the Hill


Prison Break

Sit Down, Shut Up

TalkShow With Spike Feresten

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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