The ‘unbiased’ media must be low on anti-conservative ammo today.

CNN was running this story as a ticker flash just now. 

(CNN) — The Republican National Committee Friday unearthed one of the most controversial political ads in American history to take aim at President Obama’s decision to close the detention center in Guantanamo Bay.

Now looking at the story I figured that the RNC had launched the long awaited “We told you he was full of it during the campaign.” web ad.  A vicious attach add masterfully produced in the ultra secret RNC HQ hidden in the caves of Texas by Dick Cheney and Michael Steele. 

Hmmmmmmmmm.  CNN is full of crap today.  This is some of the most amateur  inane drivel I’ve ever seen disguised as a political ad.  It even seems to have been produced by a seven year old using outdated home movie software.  It’s not new, controversial or even interesting.  What a rip off.  Apparently the RNC needs to pay Steele’s buddies less and the marketing/ad department more.  At least it was only 40 seconds of a piss poor effort.

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