Congressional car-jacking in progress

     Let’s put on our way-back caps and recall how the $787B theft of our future passed.  It would stimulate the economy by injecting funding into “immediate shovel ready” projects.  Well that turned out to be a real slow roll on the definition of “immediate ” didn’t it.  One of the corner stones of the funding was for $98,325,000,000 in Transportation and Infrastructure.  The idea was that there were projects ready to go now and the legitimate need was there.   You heard of the infrastructure needs repeatedly in the fleecing of the public speeches from the District of Clowns.  Before I continue keep in mind that the “stimulus” was in-addition-to the budget.  It was not a replacement for the existing budget.  Well guess what?  The greedy have just gotten even greedier. 

House Democrats are about to launch an ambitious effort to move a $450 billion highway bill to President Obama’s desk by the end of September.

The previous highway bill cost taxpayers cost $286 billion.  The $98K from the stimulus is not even added to that figure for projects being executed under current funding levels.

Congress is also likely to struggle with finding a way to pay for the $450 billion bill. In the past, much of the transit spending was funded by the federal gas tax, which is projected to generate less federal revenue as Americans drive less miles and adopt more fuel-efficient cars. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said his department was considering a gas tax hike, but the White House later said that a gas tax increase wasn’t the administration’s policy.

Even with the open acknowledgement that there’s no way to possibly pay for this:

Democrats’ goal is to get President Obama to sign new transportation legislation by Sept. 30, when the 2005 surface transit bill expires. The Senate has yet to schedule when they’ll consider their version of the legislation.

That is just plain irresponsible greed.  How can any of these bastards even sleep at night.  Oh yes that is a complete all encompassing bipartisan “bastards” comment. 

Oh, and that “I will not allow earmarks” crap from Obama.  Hmmm kinda a big fat lie.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama said he would go through legislation line-by-line to target wasteful spending. Administration officials defended the decision to sign the $410 billion omnibus bill by arguing it represented last year’s business.

Lawmakers have submitted $136.3 billion in earmarked requests for local projects to this year’s highway bill, though many may not end up in the final product. The 2005 bill included $24 billion in earmarks.

I am not a math major, but I’m pretty sure the formula to go through “legislation line-by-line to target wasteful spending” is jacked up when you actually increase earmarks by $112.3 BILLION!

I hope everyone is ready for the Value Added Tax (VAL) a.k.a. Federal Sales Tax.  Is it to early to start the “Vote them ALL out in 2012” campaign?

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