Wannabe terrorist, a.k.a. ‘The Shoe bomber’, is on a hunger strike

Remember this moron?

     Richard Reid tried to to blow up American Airlines Flight 63 in 2001 by lighting explosives hidden in his shoes with a match.  The result of which was his getting bitch slapped by a  team of flight attendants and then being promptly monkey stomped by the post-911 passengers on board.  For this half-wit effort he has been forever branded with the nom de plume of “The Shoe Bomber”.  I think that translates into Arabic as “The Moron”.  The second order effect is that every traveler wants to sentence him to the death of a thousand paper cuts each and every time they take of their shoes to go through airport screening.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, this tool’s on a hunger strike.

BBC:  Briton Richard Reid is said to have been refusing food for several weeks and is being force-fed and hydrated.  Reid, 35, is currently taking legal action against prison restrictions which, he says, prevent him from practising his Sunni Muslim faith.

Ahh poor Richie doesn’t like the Supermax prison in Colorado.  What’s his beef you ask?

Reid claims he has been under special restrictions since arriving at the jail in February 2003.  His lawsuit says the restrictions include prohibiting group prayer with other Muslim inmates, a ban on contacting journalists and limiting access to a Muslim imam.

Let me wipe the river of tears for him from my eyes.  Now none of this bothers me at all.  Good on you Richie!  That’s my take.  I hope they put up a webcam so I can log on to the Supermax site and watch you slowly wither and die.  I may even pay up to $5 a week for a subscription to that.  Unfortunately the kill-joys in the Department of Corrections have stepped in to force feed and rehydrate this Islamofachist blight on the world.

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