The $106 billion war supplemental bill has passed Congress. Apparently we have declared war on: “clunkers”, “flu”, “Mexicans” and “the creditors of poor countries”.

     In the time honored tradition of misleading the public from the District of Clowns, Congress passed the war supplemental bill yesterday.  It’s $106B for the Department of Defense to crush our enemies right?  Uhhh, nope.  Same crap different bill:

Washington Post (WP), June 19, 2009, Pg. 11.  At Obama’s behest, the bill includes $7.7 billion to prepare for pandemic flu and funding to offer an increased line of credit to the International Monetary Fund.

We’re going to need that $7.7 to whack all those infected pigs sneaking across the boarders at night.  My guess this will go to DHS for night vision equipment, sniper rifles and some unmanned aeriel drones to spot the little oinking rascals.

(WP) Obama had asked Senate leaders last month to insert a provision that would allow the United States to provide about $100 billion to an overall $ 1.1 trillion pledge by Group of 20 nations for a rescue package designed to help both rich and poor nations through the current economic crisis. Republicans called the IMF funds “a global bailout on the backs of U.S. troops.”

It’s about time we got on a war footing with the bastards funding those despicable poor countries!  I’m a bit unclear on if we’re using this war funding to attack the U.N. outright, or just their creditors.  I’ll get back to you on that.

WP: Congress added $1 billion to start the “cash for clunkers” program that will give Americans vouchers of as much as $4,500 to turn in their old cars and purchase more fuel-efficient ones. Earlier Thursday, the chamber passed a procedural motion to block GOP efforts to strip the program from the measure.

A war on clunkers?  Interesting.  Are we paying GM to build them and the DoD to blow them up?  Can we put the GITMO detainees inside the cars before we pummel them with TOW missiles?  That would solve that pesky problem of how to pay for closing GITMO.  I’m no economist, but I think there’s some cost saving here.

WP: Congress has agreed to increase anti-narcotics funding for Mexico, providing an additional $420 million this year to buy helicopters, surveillance aircraft and computers for police and soldiers fighting traffickers. The White House had asked Congress to add $66 million in the bill for Mexico’s drug war — about enough to buy three helicopters. But lawmakers had become alarmed about the soaring death toll across the border, and they raised the total.

All this time we were led to believe it was the Republicans that hated the Mexicans.  Go figure, it was the Democrats after all.   Seems they’re declaring war against somebody in Mexico anyway.  Interesting.

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