Direct TV can kiss my Flaming Red Rat ASS!

     Ouch this post pains me to no end.  For many a year I have been a fan of Direct TV.  OK I could really care less what company I send my cash to for satellite TV service, but the NFL Package was my sweet sweet bliss that only Direct TV could provide.  Now they’ve decided to treat me like a $5 Motown crack whore.  I’ve moved several times with Direct TV always with various amounts of hassle.  But in the end I always got the digital needle that flowed the football narcotic that every fan craves into my veins.  But no more.  My new bunker does not allow for a second coax cable line to placed in it’s steel shuttered walls.  No second line = no digital video recorders.  No DVR = no DTV or NFL.   But………….. there is a Direct TV setup that for a lowly price of $300 will allow Direct TV to work in my house.  Yeah.  That’s not happening.  Looks like I’m sucking up Dish Network with no Detroit Lions games for two years.  FRAK!  Oh why am I soo pissed at Direct TV you ask.  After almost EIGHT YEARS of being a customer I get charged an “Early Cancellation Fee”.  WTF?!  How the hell is it early after eight damn years!  Apparently when Direct TV replaces one of their receivers that brakes down you accrue another 2 year contract obligation.  Even if they can’t provide you the service.  I must of missed that little gem of info when they sent me the replacement receiver.  Eight years and I get treated like a bitch……….  Thanks Direct TV!  Maybe Dish Network will by me a drink before they screw me over.  I kinda doubt it though.

Pic yanked from Shane & Shane.  Hope they don’t mind.

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