Detroit Lion’s preseason opener vs. the Falcons

     Normally the Rat doesn’t bother much with preseason games. This year is a little different as I look at the Lions as nearly a new franchise team based on the massive overhaul in coaching and players this off season. So what the hell, let’s watch the game.

The following are my random observations as the game progresses. If you want a play by play analysis then find a blogger that doesn’t drink like a fish while watching the fraking games already!

1st QTR:

The Lions kicked off and it was not returned for a touchdown. Now that’s a good sign. Lions get a penalty on the second play. Ugh. Detroit’s front four on D are filling the holes well vs the Atlanta starting offense. The secondary is showing some serious hustle upgrade from last year’s Leos. Atlanta’s 1st team has to punt out of their initial possession.

Well it’s our 1st string offense. Culpepper is showing his arm off a bit. He got one, but Mr. Glass has to keep himself off the IR list to be worth it. Stafford is ready to jump when that happens. We’ll see how he does in the second qtr. Unfortunately Calvin Johnson is out with an injury today so there’s a hole already. Atlanta’s killing themselves with penalties helping us move down the field. Kevin Smith shows his wheels off and takes 19yrds up to get us to the Falcon’s 11. Culpepper runs it to the 2 yrd line. The better have some oxygen on the sideline for the old man. Lions have to kick a FG. Hanson is good as always. First possession ends in a FG. Not an 0-16 effort, but not awe inspiring either.

Second Atlanta drive and the Detroit D is having some success stopping the run but the normal issues with the short yardage pass coverage. Yup that just burned the Lions as usual with a 40 yard Atlanta TD. Atlanta 7 – Detroit 3.

atlanta sucks

2nd QTR (Stafford Debut):Culpepper starts the 2nd qtr with a resulting punt. Lion’s D keeps the Falcons pinned back in their red zone (with Atlanta penalty assistance) forcing a punt. Nothing to report after that for Culpepper but punts. Final pass ratio for Culpepper is 4 for 5, no TDs. Nick Harris is getting a workout on punts.

Falcon’s FG. Atlanta 10 – Detroit 3. OK Stafford’s debut. I have pledged not to be a fan calling for his immediate insertion into the lineup by the way. Let’s see the 41 Million Dollar man at work. First pass deep, but incomplete. Right through the receivers hands. A few minimal run plays and screen s. Some knucklehead WR name ‘Colbert’ drops a clean thrown Stafford pass. Forcing a punt and Colbert’s potential cut from yet another NFL team.

Stafford sticking to screens, but completing the passes. Oh boy, a beautiful completion to Colbert for 30 yards. Looks like the offensive coordinator is trying to keep this WR around. Now in the 2 minute drill before the half. Six passes to Colbert and he drops 5 of them. My bet he’s dropped this week.

End of half, and any point in watching a preseason game, score is Atlanta 10 – Detroit 3. The rest is just noise.

What the hell I’ll post it anyway: the final score was Atlanta 26 – Detroit 27 (with a Jason Hason final second FG).  Drew Stanton did look far more composed and productive than Stafford in the second half.  Just don’t tell anyone I watched an entire preseason game. 

-POTR  a.k.a Motown  Rat in Kansas.

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