Boycott Scotch?

Now this is untimely, as I fully intended in picking up a bottle of Glenfiddich on the way home today.  Crap………. now I’m conflicted.

BBC: A website urging Americans to “Boycott Scotland” has been set up featuring a list of e-mail addresses for prominent Scottish and UK politicians, as well as contact details for Scottish newspapers and a list of Scottish products and companies.

The site accuses the Scottish and UK governments of committing a “flagrant betrayal” by releasing Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi.

It said a boycott was the “only way to send a clear and direct message” of American anger over the decision.

     I still can’t harbor a grudge against the Scottish as what they did is a standard (yet insanely stupid) procedure for their legal system.  My burning anger comes from the “Hero’s Welcome” given to this scum bag murderer by Lybia.  This despicable display highlights the cancer of thought that corrodes and stymies the Middle East today.

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2 Responses to Boycott Scotch?

  1. impiousone says:

    That’s a tough one isn’t it?

    I console myself with the fact that I have already mostly consumed my scotch collection at this point.

  2. Marcus, and I, made due with Absolute last night as a substitute.

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