Looks like Obama looses Florida and N.Y. in 2012

     It took several months for my Jewish friends to realize why I thought they were insane for voting for Obama.  I mean he’s he was palling around with, and attending honors dinners for, the very folks who openly want to destroy the state of Israel.  But that aside, they’re left of center admittedly and “felt” it was the right thing to do.  I never understood their perspective, but respected their right to it and still call them friends.   Now they are knee deep in buyer’s remorse.  One in particular, who is a practicing physician, is royally pissed at himself for voting for Obama.  Talk about a double screw job.  I have been assured they have already removed the proverbial wool from their eyes.

The number of Israelis who see US President Barack Obama’s policies as pro-Israel has fallen to four percent, according to a Smith Research poll taken this week on behalf of The Jerusalem Post.



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One Response to Looks like Obama looses Florida and N.Y. in 2012

  1. belesari says:

    Yep, but the problem isnt israelies but the damn retarded jewish people here.

    Israelies will admitt there threatened but the dems here will do what they always do ignore reality till it suits them.

    At least the ones in my family do.

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