New Czar post approved and effective immediately

I am a man of action and little words. I don’t know how to spell the big words anyway. With that in mind I now declare myself the Obama Administration’s Czar for beer quality assurance, hotties and preparations for the coming Zombie Invasion. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the NFL Czar slot added to my resume as Condoleezza Rice called dibs last week.

I’ll be using “Czar Bqahpczi the First” as my official nom de plume. You may pronounce it (BACK PEE ZEE). Kinda exotic sounding huh? That will help with the foreign hotties that I’ll meet while doing my foreign beer taste assessments. All on behalf of our Obamassiah’s plans to make us better people of course. Don’t fear now, as I’ll be a respectful ambassador of America in all of my Czarian endeavors.

Oh yeah and killing Zombies too of course………….. Drunk, with a hottie on my arm, but killing Zombies none the less.

You can thank me later folks. Just doing my civic duty to support the Big O as a Patriotic  American!

-Czar Bqahpczi the First

Czar party

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One Response to New Czar post approved and effective immediately

  1. Bill Juarbe says:

    utopia focal beryllium

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