Week 2 NFL Picks of The Pissed off Tree Rat

The Week 2 NFL Picks of The Pissed off Tree Rat:

Week 2 pics

Last week’s accuracy: 12-4 

Season cumulative results: 12-4

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6 Responses to Week 2 NFL Picks of The Pissed off Tree Rat

  1. whitsport says:

    I think I have the same exact picks as you this week, scary… who are your Super Bowl favorites at the moment?


  2. bflojoe says:

    An awful lot of visiting teams on your picks. I’m thinking the Jets can overcome NE and the upset of the week is Bears over Pittsburg.

  3. Yeah three of them had me flipping back and forth. Essentually it boiled down to key injuries:
    Saints at Eagles – The Eagles claim McNabb may play, but come on now. Play one week after breaking a rib? Not likely plaing very well. So he will either be playing injuried or they will give Kevin Kolb his first start in the NFL. Either way it cancels the home field advantage.
    Steelers at Chicago – With Urlacher out and Briggs taking up the slack I canceled out their home field advantage. Urlacher was the heart of that D in both skill and leadership. Roethlisberger now has alot more breathing room.
    Giants at Cowboys – Tony Romo has a sprained ankle, but will play. A nagging distractor, but a distractor. The Cowboys D secondary allowed 276 yards and now their strong safety Gerald Sensabaugh has a reported rib injury. Advantage to the Giants, but juuuuust barely. Roy Williams will probably make me regret that pick.

  4. Ugh. I hate even trying to guess till around week eight. If hard pressed today for a answer I’d have to go with:
    AFC – Patriots or Steelers
    NFC – Eagles or Vikings
    Both of those are wild assed guesses of course. If I had to trop cash today I’d say Patriots take it all. If Brady goes out agian though, they are screwed.

  5. My weeks results were 10-6. Not bad considering the upsets.

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