So you think the War on Terror is no longer a big deal?

     So you want to pull out of Iraq, Afghanistan, play huggies kissies with Hamas, softball Iran?  If your answer is yes then you live in a world of denial folks.  Just because another tower hasn’t fallen in America doesn’t mean it’s over.  War has been declared on the free world whether we like it or not.  These soulless Islamofascists  are out to kill you, me, Christianity and the West in general.  Oh wait, that’s un-PC to say.  Sometimes the hard truth, that you don’t want to face, just sucks I guess.  Unfortunately the info provided here (and below the line) is only last weeks summary data.  Time to pull our heads out of the sand people.


Global Incident Map Weekend Summary


AFGHANISTAN – 18 Taliban Insurgents Killed In North Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN – Afghan – NATO Forces Detain Several Insurgents In South

AFGHANISTAN – Afghan Police Shot Dead 2 Suspected Suicide Bombers In West

AFGHANISTAN – Clash Kills 6 Taliban Insurgents In North Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN – Militants Fired Rockets And Mortars At Dashti Archi District HQ

AFGHANISTAN – Militants Kill Six Truck Drivers – Set Fire To Six Trucks

AFGHANISTAN – Minister Survives Car Bomb – 4 Killed 17 Wounded

AFGHANISTAN – NATOs Security Balloon Shot Down In N Afghan Province

AFGHANISTAN – Roadside Bomb Kills 3 Members Of Same Family In Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN – Rocket Attack Kills 4 Civilians In East Afghanistan

AUSTRALIA – Man Charged Over Threats To Qld Premier

BANGLADESH – 2 JMB Men Arrested

BANGLADESH – Bangladesh Arrests Five Militants – Seized Bomb-Making Materials

COLOMBIA – Colombian Rebels Say Will Free Two Of 24 Hostages

FLORIDA – Bomb Scare Evacuates New Port Richey Sweetbay

FLORIDA – Suspicious Package Detonated At Sweetbay

FLORIDA – Suspicious Package In Springfield

FLORIDA – Suspicious Powder In Vehicle – 2 Hospitalized

HONDURAS – Peru Official Threatens Legal Action Over Tear Gas Story – American Company Blamed

INDIA – 4 Grenades Found Near Ajmer – Security Alerted

INDIA – BJP MPs Sons Shot By Suspected Naxals In Chhattisgarh

INDIA – Four Chhattisgarh Maoists Held In Madhya Pradesh

INDIA – Four Maoists Killed In Jharkhand

INDIA – Man Held For Threatening PM – Sonia Gandhi

INDIA – Maoists Burn Construction Machinery In Jharkhand

INDIA – One Killed – 3 Injured In Explosion At Kandhamal Rehab Centre

INDIA – Three Guerrillas And A Civilian Die In Kashmir Gunfight

IRAN – Iran Arrests Suspects Of Kurdistan Terror Attacks

IRAN – Iran Test-Fires Medium-Range Missiles – State TV

IRAQ – 2 Civilians Killed – Wounded In Falluja Blast

IRAQ – 2 Servicemen Wounded In IED Blast Near Khanaqin

IRAQ – Bomb Kills Child In Mosul

IRAQ – Katyusha Attack On Batira Airport

IRAQ – Suicide Bomber Kills Three Policemen In West Iraq

IRELAND – Suspected Petrol Bomb Attack On Finance Department

ISRAEL – Kassam Rocket Fired From Gaza Strikes Open Area In Eshkol Region

MASSACHUSETTS – Bomb Scare Closes Walmart

NEW MEXICO – Pipe Bomb Found At Elephant Butte Lake

OHIO – Bomb Squad Checks Suspicious Package At Bus Station

PAKISTAN – 10 Militants Arrested In Northwest Pakistan

PAKISTAN – 16 Year Old Suicider Bomber Arrested At Airport

PAKISTAN – 5 Killed In Suicide Bomb Attack

PAKISTAN – 8 Killed – 75 Injured In Car Bomb Blast

PAKISTAN – One Killed – Three Injured In Bomb Blast

PAKISTAN – Punjab Govt Puts Security In Lahore On High Alert

PAKISTAN – Qaedas Zawahiri Praises Slain Figure In New Message

PAKISTAN – Security Forces Arrest 10 Militants In Malakand

PAKISTAN – Suicide Car Bomber Kills At Least 5 Outside Police Station

PAKISTAN – Tehreek-E-Taliban Claims Responsibility For Bannu Attack

REUNION – Antananarivo-Guangzhou Flight Makes Stopover After False Bomb Report

RUSSIA – Militants Gun Down Chechen Village Chief – Son

RUSSIA – Official – Policeman Killed In Russia Caucasus-Ifax

RUSSIA – Two Militants Destroyed During A Special Operation In Chechnya

RWANDA – Four Dead – 52 Hurt In Rwanda Grenade Blast

SAUDI ARABIA – Saudis Will Allow Israel to Bomb Irans Nuclear Site

SOMALIA – Somali Govt Troops Re-Take Baladwayne Town

SOMALIA – Turkish Military Captures 7 Pirates

SOUTH AFRICA – Bomb Hoax At Centurion Park Stadium

SPAIN – Basque Region On Alert – Court Bans Gatherings

SRI LANKA – LTTE Cadre Involved In Bus Bombings Arrested

SRI LANKA – Military Fires On Tamil Camp Rebel

TEXAS – Store Evacuated After Bomb Threat

THAILAND – Gunmen Shot Dead Two Villagers In Pattani

THAILAND – One Killed Following Bomb Attack In Yala Graveyard

THAILAND – Tightened Security In Pattani – Insurgents Plan To Attack State Offices And Restaurants

UNITED KINGDOM – Bomb Scare At Buxton Hotel

YEMEN – OIC Condemns Acts Of Sabotage In Saada

YEMEN – Yemen Ready To Fight Rebels For Years – President

YEMEN – Yemens Qaeda Wing Seeks Donations In Saudi Arabia

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