This week a real Patriotic American stands up

     Every now and then there’s something better that the Happy Friday Beer Hotties.  This is one of them.  Beside the obvious contributions to American Society ol Hugh Hefner has provided us he is showing his Patriot side this month.  He’s supporting the troops in a way that only he can.  Bravo Hef, there’s now about 40 of some of the luckiest soldiers in the world jumping with joy.  Unfortunately that leaves about 548,000 jealous and pissed off ones.  But you get kudos for the effort my man!

Halloween night at Hugh Hefner’s not-so-humble abode will still be filled with all the usual suspects – scantily-clad costumed women, bopping blonde bunnies, a Haunted House and Hollywood’s hottest stars.

“Hef was kind enough to let the Wounded Warrior Project be a beneficiary on Halloween. Proceeds will help severely wounded veterans that have recently served in Afghanistan and Iraq,” Executive Director of the Halloween 09 bash Jose Dominguez told Pop Tarts. (General admission tickets start at $1,000 and go up to $15,000 for VIPs.) “Halloween is the most sought-after night at the Mansion so it was a good opportunity to support our veterans and enjoy a great party at the same time.”

We’re also told over 40 wounded soldiers will also attend the scary soiree.


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