A couple of NFL mid-season Mea Culpas from the P.O.T.R.

     To the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts. I was wrong in my preseason assessment of the Saints and Colts, and I’m man enough to admit it. I called the Saints “overrated hype”. My apologies. They are a proving to be a solid team winning the hard games early and deserve to be 6 and 0. I stated the that “Colts and Patriots dynasties are over”. That may be true for the Pats, but as long as Peyton Manning is on the field the Colts are Superbowl contenders.

     Brett Favre is putting some of the shine back on his image. Myself, like many NFL fans, were sick to death with his offseason retirement/non-retirement B.S.   I thought he was doing irreparable damage to his legacy and just wanted him to go away. Looks like he really does still have the heart and ability to play after all. He will be in the Hall of Fame one day and I’m glad his last two seasons with the Packers then that mess with the Jets will not be his last. If the Vikings make it to the big game this year my hope is that he will take that time to end a remarkable career on a high note and leave with a smile on his face and Superbowl ring on his finger.

my bad

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