Sometimes a headline screams “What the hell did that just say?”.

Taylor Mitchell

Now this is not how you hear about people crossing the great divide very often.

(CNN) Taylor Mitchell, 19, was at the beginning of the Skyline Trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park on Tuesday afternoon when she was attacked, according to Chip Bird, the Parks Canada field unit superintendent for Cape Breton.

My sympathies to the Mitchell family.    But sh#t coyotes, really?!  I’d be demanding the CSI: Cape Breton get onto this one.

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4 Responses to Sometimes a headline screams “What the hell did that just say?”.

  1. belesari says:

    Seriously? WTF how do you get offed by coyotes I mean seriously i feel bad for her but damn. Was she drunk? were these mutant coyotes? What is the plural form of coyotes?

    If i was drunk i could take on 100 coyotes. I become more accurate and strongers….i claim its the hammer gods blessing 🙂

  2. I’d go with mutant zombie coyotes. Every coyote I’ve run across, more than a few in the desert, were scragly bastards that are easily kicked aside. Now a few dozen of em in a pack may be another story. But a Zombie Mutant Coyote (ZMC) could be a real problem.

  3. When I’m drunk I could take 200 coyotes….. I’d just run out of ammo a hell of alot faster. And maybe damage a few surrounding buildings.

  4. belesari says:

    LOL depends on what your shootin. I think if we are to ever survive the zombie apocolypse we will have to have thousands of drone vehicles like the mule.

    With flame throwers….yea….flame throwers….nice.

    And every human needs a AA-12 With 1,000 rounds of gernade ammunition.

    Anyways on coyotes

    Hell i used to go outside our house and shoot the damn basterds at night least 1 or 2 a month. Damn things bread like crazy and have the minds of a damn crow. Evil, sneaky, smart ass basterds.

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