Little by little the Rat’s master plan begins to takes shape…

     Slowly, oh so painfully slowly, it seems that the general public is beginning to swing over to my beer clouded way of thinking about Congress.   America has this infatuation with the President being an all-powerful political figure.  While he may in fact be the most powerful ‘individual’ political figure, the Congress is by far the most powerful political ‘body’.  The power granted to the Senators and Representatives is what has the immediate, daily and enduring impacts on the lives of every American.   In my humble Rattish opinion it’s these clowns that are to blame for the mess we are in.  Time for them to face the music in 2010.

(FNP) A sizable majority of Americans (64 percent) say the country would be better off by throwing “most” members of Congress out, a jump of 19 percentage points from two years ago. Only about one in five Americans (19 percent) feels the average representative deserves to be re-elected, a seven-point drop from October of 2007. Even half of Democrats take the view that we need to clean house and start over with new people.

When moving from an institutional perspective to a more personal view, a slim 51 percent majority of Americans want to keep their own member of Congress in office.

This phenomenon of “hating” Congress but “loving” one’s congressman is an established trend in politics. However, even in this setting, more people opt for getting rid of their representative today (35 percent) than did two years ago (29 percent).


Beware the poison tongues of the politicians.

Beowulf The Final Battle:

“Hot, poison will pour from his tongue.

I feel no shame, with shield and sword

And armor, against this monster: When he comes to me

I mean to stand, not run from his shooting

Flames, stand till fate decides

Which of us wins. My heart is firm,

My hands calm: I need no hot Words.

Wait for me close by, my friends.”

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