I always miss the cool sh#t………. Damn it!

Bruce a.k.a ‘The Man’ is off to Iraq.  Ooooh there’s some slack assed terrorists about to meet the boom stick.  Maybe a few dozen zombies as well if they get in the way. 

Bruce Campbell and Jeffrey Donovan are off to Iraq today to meet the troops. They will be in Iraq for the following 10 days. You can learn more about the event on the official USO website.

Rumor has it that Bruce is heading east to Afghanistan next to link up with Marcus Atrocious and finally take care of that crap.  With that team I bet all the troops can come home by Christmas.  Both countries will be smoking ruins when they are done.  It’s no big loss, trust me.  What chaps my fourth point of contact is that I won’t be there to join in on the battle cry as they rip start the chainsaws.


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3 Responses to I always miss the cool sh#t………. Damn it!

  1. belesari says:

    I have figured it out what americas soldiers are missing. The chain sword.

    Half sword. Half chainsaw. All badassed.

    Of course if we looked like this we would have won the war on terrorism.

    Ah the imperium its like a liberals worset nightmare on acid, with steroids.

  2. Ahh the chain sword……….. cutting through Chaos like butter!

  3. belesari says:


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