An East versus West conundrum that needs addressing

Open opinion solicitation (that means give me some damn feedback).

I’m thinking of doing some trade-ins on my boom-stick stockage.  Two very different guns have caught my eye in the past week.  As far as rifles go they are about as far apart as you can get.  A true battle of East vs. West if you may.  The two contenders for my money are currently:

Representing the law and order side of the West – The Daniel Defense M4 (.223/5.56)

 Representing chaos and mayhem of the East – The Century Arms GP 1975 (7.62×39)

As I said, it’s a conundrum.  Both have pluses and minuses.  Cost differential is about $200 in favor of the GP1975, but that’s within my cost margin so I consider that a wash.  I’m interested in any Freak input on these fine pieces of machinery.  No matter what the final decision is, I see my ammo expenditure costs skyrocketing in the near future……

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6 Responses to An East versus West conundrum that needs addressing

  1. belesari says:

    I say go with the M4 mostlt because of the simple coolness factor. Plus you wont look like all the other people wearing chavez shirts.

    Oh yes did i mention the 8,000 or so gadgets you can put on it?

  2. The cool gadget factor is definately in the M4 favor. I can even slap on a beer opener on that bad boy! But in the GP1975’s defense it put big assed holes in the target with that 7.62 round. Sure not very accurately, but with great conviction.

  3. belesari says:


    Here its on the mosin Nagant but is funny as hell one part i liked.

    Stuff you know if you have an AK

    “You are able to hit the broad side of a barn from inside.”


    Thinkin about the Nagant as my buy just for the hell of it.

    Second would be a M16. Of course as with the M4 gadgets are a plus 🙂

  4. Have to say that today I’m leaning hard towards the DDM4. It’s a new manufacture, but the initial reviews have been good.

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