It’s time for Time’s ‘Person of the Year’ list, and every other list know to mankind.

*UPDATE* Time has announced Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is the lucky dude this year.

Well it’s that time of year freaks.  The “lists” of the year’s top TV shows, places to live, best new cars, best movies, cat breeds, new gadgets etc of 2009. 

Time Magazine has posted the finalists for the “Person of the Year”:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is among the seven finalists chosen for Time magazine’s annual “Person of the Year,” according to media reports on Monday.

The full list of Time’s 2009 contenders is; President Barack Obama, Afghanistan Commanding Gen. Stanley McChrystal,  Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Jamaican sprinter and Olympic Gold Medalist Usain Bolt, and the “Chinese worker” .

Personally I find this list incredibly boring and basically lame.  So with that in mind I plan to spend some time reviewing my own best of 2009 lists and sharing the following in the waning days of this year.   Have no fear some hotties lists will surely be there.

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4 Responses to It’s time for Time’s ‘Person of the Year’ list, and every other list know to mankind.

  1. belesari says:

    McChrystal, for telling the truth when he knew his bosses would freak cause he knew it needed to be done.

  2. belesari says:

    how the fuck did that troll get on there or obama.

    Itll be obama of course

  3. Nope McChrystal’s out because he’s the only one who would make any damn sense. But even then I doubt he’d be able to pull the weith of Man of the Year. Hell even Gen Casey didn’t get that. Obama aside Ben Bernanke, Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Usain Bolt, and the WTF Chinese worker? Just for not being a complete joke nomination I have to go with Jobs.

  4. euandus2 says:

    Well, it certainly is convenient that Time would make its announcement just before the Senate is due to take up his re-appointment. Let’s see…banks…the Federal Reserve…and media companies. And then there is little old representative democracy. If you got my drift and absolutely gotta have more or you will hate yourself forever…well, here, I better give you the link so you can imbibe more. 🙂

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