The United States sends a message to Al Qaeda

Unfortunately the message is “We surrender”. 

After the President told us how the “alleged” terrorist that was “not part of an organized threat” that made an “attempt” at an “alleged” terrorist act on Christmas day over Detroit how do we respond?  With fear and an international display of cowardice.   We start closing our Embassies.

Kind of hard to fight a war on terror with your head in the sand.

(CNN) — The United States and Britain announced Sunday they have closed their embassies in Yemen because of security concerns.

A U.S. news release cited ongoing threats by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to attack American interests in Yemen.

 Embarrassed anyone?  I sure as hell am.

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4 Responses to The United States sends a message to Al Qaeda

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    [Embarrassed anyone? I sure as hell am.]

    You should be. That was a dumb post. 🙂

  2. I do so enjoy your insightful drive- by-profound sharing Ben. Your use of small words is greatly appreciated. On another note, will you be posting new cartoons soon? Even us “right-wingers” occasionally take a gander at them.

  3. Ben Hoffman says:

    Maybe when we get closer to the elections. I don’t have time right now. But thanks! 🙂

  4. jjoshuajj21 says:

    Well, there is more to this story, Obama must reorganize Homeland Security, CIA, and State Department – FAILUERS – before having confidence in their operations > < so let's give it awile to shape-up; however, Obama does need to put pressure on the Yemen Government to step-up and answer the call, and stop being dead weight.

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