Meet America’s newest MEGA Union Organizer – Uncle Sam

     Now this shocked me.  No easy task there as I’ve bar hopped through most of Asia.  In the wake of the whole Congressional bribe for votes with Nebraska they’ve done it again.  This time it’s not even slick.  What am I talking about you ask?  Why the latest deal on the health care Cadillac Tax of course.   The Unions went to the president and threw down the gauntlet.  Kill it or we’ll get you voted out was the gist of the two-hour meeting between the Union reps and the White House.  President Obama buckled, well sort of.  We’re going to get the tax the Unions didn’t want but…………… State and local workers and union members are exempted until 2017.   You will note that the tax goes into effect for the unions not only AFTER Obama’s second run for the Presidency, but AFTER his designated successor’s 1st run for the big boy seat.  Keeping the Union voters happy for a Democratic dynasty run before they get screwed with a mega overnight tax hike.  O.K. now that’s all basic political shenanigans, but what I find amazing is that they actually are going to push a bill that legislates (i.e. MAKES IT A LAW) that a non-union worker with the same health plan as his union coworker has to pay a tax to subsidise his coworker who doesn’t.  Only because the guy next to him has a Union membership card and he refuses to join a union himself.  Same job, same insurance?  Join the Union or PAY THE MAN HIS CADILLAC TAX!  I just don’t get it.  I don’t care what your political party is, that can’t make sense to an any average American.

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One Response to Meet America’s newest MEGA Union Organizer – Uncle Sam

  1. bflojoe says:

    Exemptions for unions, exemptions for some states — when are the people going to wake up? Here’s a link that shows at least some states have guts to protect citizens and the tenth amendment.

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