Apros nothing, in a short left-wing week.

     For all of you wayward Freaks, and Freakettes, I know I’m posting deficient in the past few days. Have no fear as more hotties are on the way here. I have to admit that the deluge of political media has tired me out over the past week. Well that and the massive libation booze consumption effort I undertook this weekend. What I have been doing though is traversing the far left boundaries of the political blogasphere to try to gain perspective on current thoughs on the state of things. My intent was not to “troll” but to engage my left leaning bloggers in a legitimate exchange of ideas. I can only say I achieved my goal a couple of times. Those that were willing to treat a right-winger like me with at least a small measure of courtesy have been added to my blogroll. Thanks to all of them that were willing to humor me this past week. I’d like sit down drink beer and argue politics with each of you if I could. You’re all wrong, but still good people just the same. (Sorry inside joke there). Most of the rest well….. needless to say I’d never let my children onto your sites. Not because of political views, but sheer gutter level of conversation and language. I’m no prince, or prude, by any stretch of the imagination but sh#t are ya kidding me. I’m sure there are some serious trash filled right-winger blogs but I’ve never run across one with a comments section filled with such vile gutter hate as more than a few of those I waded through this week. I’m not talking about tiny random liberal blogs, I’m talking about the big boy liberal sites that I saw on nearly every left wing blogroll that I link bounced through.  

Interesting times my friends.  Politics is a sport and the game is most definitely afoot! Well time to switch gears now and get back onto the Hotties hunt. Later Freaks!

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One Response to Apros nothing, in a short left-wing week.

  1. belesari says:

    Welcome back!

    Everyone gets burnt out eventually. Well except on hotwings, women, and beer. But! i degress.

    Anyways Yea ive been to some freakish leftwing and rightwing sites. Though like you said i wouldnt mind sitting down for a beer with a couple. Or in one case a bed 🙂

    Anyways, in the words of kim jong ill “YOU POST HOT WOMEN NOW!!! WANT RED HEAD ASIANS TOO!

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