Totally subjective, opinion based, cultural lens biased, ranting of one Pissed Off Tree Rat

     I’ve been a muddle mess of late.  There has been plenty to post on.  But a bit of overload and burn out had set in.  Not I’m not talking the culturally acceptable Janice Joplin burn out that leaves an awesome reputation, but a corpse that’s unfortunately the person who burned it at both ends.   I’m talking about the mind cramping frustrations with the world, news, office crap (but bill paying crap I acknowledge) resulting in ambivalence based burn out.   It appears that my G.A.S. meter had run out.  I recharged with Sam Adams and the NFL.  The best way I know to get a man’s mind straight.  The last thing left to do is take out the mental trash to clear the head.

So now you get to see the dump in progress. In no particular order I give you two weeks of random,  un-referenced, totally subjective, opinion based, cultural lens biased, news snipped, rantings of one Pissed Off Tree Rat:

  1. After the earthquake in Haiti does anyone seriously think that the U.N. has a legitimate purpose anymore?  I think they’re still formulating their press release on what they plan to take credit for after the Americans and British are done with the actual helping out.
  2. Am I the only one mystified by the gushing out of money to Haiti by the Hollywood telethons?  Not that they raised money for the cause.  That was good.   Yes it was good.   But where have these caring folks been?  Haiti has been the Somalia of the northern hemisphere for almost 2 decades.  That $500+ million would have been handy before the earthquake.   Nobody gave a shit about them last year and I been Bono and friends won’t next year either. 
  3. Is there anyone that Nancy Pelosi is not condescending to?   I actually think less of the people in San Francisco for voting her into office.  Fair?  Nope.  But this is my subjective brain dump so it is what it is. 
  4. Saints won the Super Bowl.   I picked the Colts to win, but really had no emotional investment in either team.  I just wanted to see a good game.  First half was great football to watch.  The WHO’s halftime show was a disaster no matter how cool the laser show was.  Dear NFL, please for the love of GOD enough with the post-expiration-date-band half time shows.  Second half of the game blew.   Granted it would have been better if I was a Saints fan.  My friend ‘The Weasel’ was peeing on himself I’m sure.
  5. President Obama’s FY 11 defense budget gives a 1.4% pay raise to the military.  The lowest pay raise given since 1973.  Sometimes it is the thought that counts.  I think the DNC can count out the military vote in 2012.
  6. I think Iran will be the cause the first nuclear weapon to be used since WWII. 
  7. As long as Hamas and the rest of those murdering terrorist Islamofascists hold control in Gaza, the only people who will give a shit about the Palestinians are U.N. delegates when the cameras are on.  Where’s their telethon?  I hear they need to raise cash to replace those rockets that they randomly fire over civilian cities in Israel.   Along those same lines how come the wall on the Israel boarder with Gaza is “inhumane” but the one with Egypt is not?
  8. Ford took NOT ONE CENT from a taxpayer bailout.  And their reward?  Record profits this year and they cornered the market share.  SUCK IT SOCIALISTS!  Free market wins again.
  9. The whole “Blame Bush” thing is sooooo 2009. 
  10. I’m waiting to see which aspect of America the President deems evil, greedy, corrupt or “the problem” next. 
  11. The Brown election in Massachusetts has given me hours of pleasure.  Not for what you think (DNC supermajority loss), but because it gave a reminder to every member of Congress that none of them are entitled to their seats and can be voted out by the lowely pissed off common man.  
  12. I have now added the global warming die-hards to the same category as Birthers and the folks who deny we ever landed on the moon.
  13. I have to get back to posting more Hotties and fast.
  14. We can pull out of Iraq as soon as logistically possible.   I think the Iraqis can take it from here.  It will be messy, but in the end I think they can pull it off now.  I didn’t think that in 2006, but hell things do change for the better some times.
  15. I’m going to buy a new assault rifle this month.  I hear every time someone does George Soros gets a 24 hour migraine.  Maybe I’ll buy two.
  16. Any day now China is going use their stack of IOUs and call in a marker forcing us to change our Taiwan “One China” policy.  Under threat of an absolute U.S. collapse Taiwan loses.   That’s going to suck for Taiwan.
  17. Who the hell is running MSNBC and still keeps their job?
  18. I don’t think anyone really  has any idea what the hell the Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission was about, or means.  All I can figure out after reading the decision is that it doesn’t have shit to do with foreign governments buying American elections.  I think Obama pulled that out of his ass as that is still very much illegal.
  19. President Obama’s decision to cancel NASA’s manned exploration program is:  odd, confusing, weird, dumb, crushing to dreams of aspiring scientists and engineers across the country, inane, short sided, idiotic and a just plain “WTF?!” sort of deal.  Another shot to the head of the American dream.  Makes me sad and mumble under my breath.   Decades flushed down the toilet.
  20. The Detroit Lions will go 8 and 8 next season.  There I said it out loud.  You can now call the nice men in the white coats for me………………….

Well I feel much better now Freaks.  Thanks.


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3 Responses to Totally subjective, opinion based, cultural lens biased, ranting of one Pissed Off Tree Rat

  1. belesari says:

    I accually agree with Obama’s decisson to cancel ares and constelation. Ares 1 really makes no sence sence there are plenty of commercial companies that can do it far cheaper faster and NOW.

    Really across the board its a good idea. Go to and the forums will tell you all you need to know.

  2. I just hat the idea of or relying on civilian space freight for SATCOM etc. I guess times they are a changing.

  3. belesari says:

    Emm not sure on the satcoms and such but think about it this way. The people who designed and built them are still doing it its just they are also incharge of launching them.

    Plus never underestimate the power of greed and evil capitalist pigs 🙂

    Hopefully soon well be dropping telephone pole sized rods from our orbital defense satelites in the next 20 yrs >:)

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