This post is for the hard core NFL junkies out there

     There are some things only an NFL junky cares about.  Namely anything the NFL does before the draft in April.  Now the Combine has some interest to me, but not enough to watch more than a few minutes of it.  To sit there for days on end, 8 hours a day, staring at the NFL Network broadcast of young men wandering around a football stadium as fat men poke at them…………… well that’s just not my thing.  Now the owners meeting in March is where interesting things start to happen.  Real decisions are made there and I’d love to be a fly on the wall for those sessions.  Granted, a fly immune to getting swatted flat by Jerry Jones’ rolled up meeting agenda.  Maybe Ford Jr.  will have enough balls this year to use the Ford Automotive advertising clout (very substantial) to ensure the Lions get a MNF game this season.   If the good Lord’s willing and the rivers don’t rise that is.  Key upcoming pre-draft dates:

Feb. 24-March 2 — NFL Scouting Combine

Feb. 25 — Deadline for designating franchise players.

March 5 — Free agency begins

March 21-24 — Annual owners meeting

Early April — 2010 regular season schedule announced

April 22-24 — 2010 NFL Draft

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