Republican obstructionism?

     I don’t understand why Pelosi/Reid keep blaming their failure on the Republican “obstructionists”.  They had a majority, and supermajority, in their houses all year.  They could have passed what ever they pleased and had it signed off on by the executive branch.  Until the Brown election the only thing that prevented them pushing ANY agenda they wanted was themselves.  How is that the fault of the Republicans?  Yes, they tried to block legislation.  No denying that at all.  But remember, they had no power to actually stop a damn thing without Democratic defections.  Only Pelosi and Reid have failed to keep their own party in line to achieve their  own goals.  I’m not sure how they can spin their piss poor leadership on the opposition party.  Not sure at all, but they do try hard don’t they…… 

(FOX)  Democrats have been blasting Republicans as partisan obstructionists, arguing that they’re turning to reconciliation out of necessity. They say the bill cannot be redrawn from scratch and it must be passed now in order to stop insurance companies from dropping sick patients, denying coverage over pre-existing conditions and raising rates beyond what families can afford. 

“What has happened in the past year in the United States Senate is total obstruction by the Republican senators,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said. “So this isn’t just about their rules, it’s about a decision that a party over there has made to stop everything.” 

Come on and bring it Fat Man!

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