Detroit’s #2 Pick in this years draft goes to?

WARNING:  Nitnoid football blather follows.

     For the last month Oklahoma defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh have been the frontrunners for the number one draft pick.  So St Louis is in the cat bird seat with their #1 pick status, unless they trade down.  Most acknowledge that’s an unlikely scenario for the Rams to go with.  Keeping that in mind Detroit has been relative happy with their position at picking up whichever DT St Louis does not.  The money has been on Suh going as #1 to the Rams.  Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford has now entered the mix as a potential #1 pick by the St Louis sports pontificating sports writers.  That would force the Lions to actually have to make a decision between two DTs that are expected to be immediate impact players.  Decisions decisions decisions.

From By Frank Cooney, Special to USA TODAY    

     Ndamukong Suh — DT, Nebraska 6-4, 302, 1: In the classroom, Suh majored in construction management. But on the field, he starred in destruction and mayhem. Has everything necessary to become one of the most dominant defensive linemen in the NFL, where his rare combination of size, skills and competitiveness should earn immediate respect. Can run around or through blockers faster than you can say his name (En-DOM-ah-ken SOO). Best suited to play defensive tackle in a four-man line, Suh is tough enough to hold down the middle as a nose tackle yet also has the agility and quickness to be a menace as an end. His instincts are conspicuous, and he can even drop into pass coverage. Last season, Suh finished fourth in the Heisman Trophy voting, won the Nagurski, Outland, Bednarik and Lombardi awards and was All-American and Big 12 player of the year.

     Gerald McCoy— DT, Oklahoma, 6-4, 298, 1: Persistent, powerful and should be more productive in the NFL than his college stats indicate. He enters the draft after two years in which he totaled 26½ tackles for a loss and 12½ sacks. McCoy was the key man in Oklahoma’s defensive front and demanded the attention of multiple blockers, thereby opening the way for teammates to make tackles. He is at his best when he anticipates the snap count, explodes off the ball quickly and gets into the blocker with momentum rather than being the counterpuncher attempting to gain control. Has excellent feet, a good spin move and closing speed that makes him a constant pest in pursuit.

     My bet would be McCoy being the Lions #2 pick by a very narrow margin.  With the Rams taking Suh.  There’s way to many eligable starting QB floating around the NFL for them to pick up Bradford as their #1 and risk not having an experienced QB on the field.  That’s quite a chance for the Rams to take who are currently worse off than the Lions.  If you can imagine that.

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