The rule of Law?

     I can’t help but feel that watching today’s health care bill procedural abomination is my witnessing of the first death throw of a Republic by a willing electorate.  For, or against, the bill makes no difference.  The process, the very process, should scare all who believe in the rule of law.   People have argued that the ends justify the means.  An oft cited argument by terrorists and thieves, but is it one to be used by our Congressmen to pass a damn bill?  No.  We will regret this folks.  I’m really afraid that we will.  No not this health care “crisis” that nobody gave a shit about two years ago that effects only 10% or less of the population directly with care.  100% get screwed with the bill though.  We will regret the willing, and deliberate, manipulation of “procedure” to change the laws of the land.  A bad, bad, president is set folks.  No one party regardless of which one, or how good it’s chief orator, should be allowed to switch the rules of the game while in play.

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