The new front-line on the War on Drugs?

A proposal to put the legalization of marijuana in California seems to be heading to a vote this November.  My guess it will pass because the Californians seem absolutely unwilling to give up their insane, and bankrupting, entitlement growth that has destroyed their economy and they are  reaching for straws now.  Actually their reaching for their ziplock baggies.   I wonder what Arizona, Nevada and Oregon think about that.  Does Arizona, and Nevada, put up armed boarder checkpoints up to curb smuggling?  Does Oregon capitulate and legalize on their own as they’re in possession of some prime dope growing land themselves.  Do we lose the western seaboard to  a haze of lazy assed slacker dope smokers as the non-drug based economy leaves taking their tax base with them?  Does the DEA become the biggest military force in the South Western U.S.?  If it wasn’t for those possible second, and third, order effects I’d say let em sink into the ocean on their own.  But let’s be real this would be a mess we’d all end up funding for the clean up of.  Everyone but the fine folks of California that is…….

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