Why does our President act like a four year old?

For some reason the President of the United States thinks it’s funny to mock and ridicule Americans.  He decided to use 5 minutes of his speech to openly mock his opponents on a political issue for the amusement of a crowd of supporters.  Mocking American citizens for nothing more that disagreeing with him.    And when I say mock, I do mean ridicule and make fun people of for the purpose of making others laugh.   This is the type of speech that you’d here from an immature class clown going for a cheap laugh at the expense of others.  Why, why, why would the President of the United States cheapen himself, and the office, to act like a bratty high school student.   What value is gained?  So if you disagree with anything this administration has a political stance on you are joke now?  It’s low brow, pathetic, and insulting.  What’s next:  Jew jokes, Mexican jokes, Dumb Blond jokes, Redneck jokes or Handicap jokes?  That’s O.K., as long as it’s Obama it’s cool.

I see the big joke here …………  Are we having fun yet?

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