The Hippie Professor and lefty blogs

I’ve been searching for left view blogs to share my thoughts and ideas with for awhile now.  Mostly I’ve been met with insane rudeness and insults no matter how polite the comments I post.  I do not troll and never insult the host,  but do not hide my right leaning views.  The general responses I get border on insane rudeness to lack the most basic forms of civility.  But there have been exceptions.  Of note The Hippie Professor has proven to be a gracious and insightful host worthy of a visit to his site (link is on the blogroll as well).   If you visit, please be polite as he’s always been so to me.

To the HP, thank you for being a Gentlemen worthy of a polite discourse.  I will buy you a beer any time.

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3 Responses to The Hippie Professor and lefty blogs

  1. hippieprof says:

    Tree Rat…

    Thanks for the plug! I do indeed try to promote polite conversation – it is possible to be passionate about issues without getting nasty. I honestly believe that the only way out of this mess we are in is to have cool-headed rational discussion of the issues.

    (though it is fun to vent on occasion too!)

    — hp

  2. Feel free to vent away. I have a thick skin and can take it. Plus, as you stated, it can be loads of fun as well!

  3. I may have to blogroll HP over JBM as well.

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