May is Zombie Awareness Month

Be informed, or be eaten!  Show your awareness this month with your grey ribbon.  It’s a public service to spread the word on this critical issue affecting us all….

Gray is the color for Zombie Awareness Month. Gray represents the skin color of the living dead that will soon plague us. This pandemic will cause the zombie apocalypse. By wearing a gray ribbon, people will likely stop and ask you about it. This will give you the chance to explain about Zombie Awareness Month and what the living dead will do to us, and our world, if we are not prepared. Keep stressing your point even if they walk away and tell you that you are crazy. It’s the nonbelievers that will get turned to zombies first, adding to the zombie army.

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One Response to May is Zombie Awareness Month

  1. Thanks for the excellent Public Service Announcement. I will make sure to pass this along to team Zombiekiller this evening over chow.

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