The dumbest thing I’ve heard all week not coming from the mouth of a politician……

The normally sensible NFL owners have agreed to put the 48th Super Bowl (2014) in the new Meadowlands Stadium that this season will open up to the New York Jets and Giants.

From a guy who lived just a few exits down the road from there for a few years here are some dumb assed facts you need to know about the Medowlands before buying your 2014 Super Bowl tickets :

1.  Medowlands Stadium is open air.  And it’s FRAKING FREEZING in New York during it’s nasty wet and windy winters.  I case you missed the point, open air = NO ROOF.

2.  The wind coming off the coast screams over the open swampland “medowlands”  and makes the FRAKING FREEZING even more unbearable.

3.  I never flew in/out of Newark Airport without a 2 hour delay (at least) when there wasn’t a Superbowl in town.

4.  The Medowlands are in NEWARK N.J.!  Yes folks, that’s NEW JERSEY……..

5.  One road in, one road out……….  Have fun in the 4 day traffic jam.

6.  After spending a few grand for a nose bleed seat, in row 13o,675 section XXD9-Ba7,  I guess a normally priced $8 Big Mac will come as no shock.

7.  Good luck finding a place to take a leak without having to buy a $75 dinner.

8.  New Jersey has the highest auto insurance rates in the country.  For a very good reason.  EVERYONE in N.J.  drives like a overdosing crack addict texting on his/her cel phone while drinking a 40 ouncer of malt liquor.

9.  Did I mention freezing fraking cold yet?

N0 # 10 as I refuse to make 10 lists.

Nothing like the “Big Game” being a “Crap Game” of fumbles, dropped balls, no running game on a sucky winter field etc………………….   I want to cry, but I’ll drink a beer instead.

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