Has The POTR given a pass to Helen Thomas?

I was asked why I’ve not given any space to the topic of Helen Thomas’ anti Jewish blather.

A Hearst Newspapers columnist asked her simply  “Any comments on Israel?” Her response was that Israeli Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine” and “go home” to Germany, Poland and America.

Bottom line is that I look at her as an 89 year old bigoted woman that spoke her mind honestly.  She’s hates Jews and the notion of Israel.  That was never a secret folks.  I don’t think anyone was shocked about her view.  Just that she said it so brazenly seems to have caught folks off guard.  In this matter I (gulp and sigh) side with the ACLU.  Even the 89 year bigoted old trolls like Helen Thomas have the freedom of speech.    What has disturbed me more is how freely reporters, and the White House, have been singling out entire groups for open attack.  It’s as if just an election victory  has give them the self anointed moral right to participate in rampant ideological bigotry (read the book) against Jews, Conservatives, bible clinging gun owners, Tea Party participants, anyone who is against left leaning politics, people with high paying jobs and folks who say that America is a damn fine country.  That bothers me more that Helen Thomas being “outed” as a bigot.

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