In defense of the President

     This has to be a first for me:  President Obama is not to blame for the damn Gulf oil spill.  There I said it.  How he responded can be questioned, but even I’m not so far gone as to claim it is his fault.  Or even this ridiculous blather that it is Bush’s fault either.  I listened for 30 minutes this sunday on Meet The Press while some idiotic left wing shill ranted how the disaster was the Republican Party, and President Bush’s, fault for instilling a climate of corruption in the Louisiana Mineral Management Services (MMS) office that caused this.  I’ll bet you five dollars that Bush, and Obama, had no idea there even was such a thing as the Louisiana MMA MMS (I did not intend on abbreviating Mixed Martial Arts here.) or what the hell they even did.  That argument is like me blaming President Obama directly if someone in my Post Office steals my mail.  It’s a pathetic hack attack on either Administration to go down that road.  Comparisons between the Katrina response and the Gulf oil spill response are fair game, but the MMS argument is childish and pathetic.   Pure partisan playground antics…..

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4 Responses to In defense of the President

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    There is no such thing as the “Louisiana MMA.” The federal agency that the Bush administration crippled is the MMS.

    The Bush administration was composed almost entirely of people from the oil industry and was only interested in pumping up the profits of oil companies, environmental concerns be damned.

  2. Ack. Just saw the typo thanks for the catch Ben. I will correct. Do I get credit for getting the first one right? 🙂 I understand the oil company to Bush line of thought for some, but the idea that the Administration stacked the Louisiana Mineral Management Services office with cronies is just too far a streach for me to buy into. Local sub-depatmental govenment offices are generally filled with careerists that span multipul adminstrations. It’s more likely that a Congressional Oversight Committee may have heard of this office in the last 20 years, but I doubt any member of the Oval Office ever had. There is just some things that are so far down the line I can’t hold the Command in Chief responable for. I’m trying to keep that perspective with Obama and laying off the bandwagon jumping (for the most part) for the same reason on the nit noid stuff that’s floating around.

  3. hippieprof says:

    Tree Rat…

    Will wonders never cease! It is nice to hear someone not trying to play politics with this disaster for once.

    As far as the response, I wonder WTF Obama was supposed to do in response? Other than hugging a few widows and shaking his finger at BP and walking on beaches with a concerned look – all PR stuff – what can he actually do end this crisis? Not much.

    — hp

  4. For Obama it’s lose/lose no matter what. That’s why I’m laying off here. I would like to see less Congressional TV circus grandstanding (as they are ALL experts in deep sea drilling) and more focus on the actual recovery efforts. Finger pointing time is for when it’s fixed and recovery is well under way. Right now I want to see the BP CEO on the beach in Louisiana directing the work effort with a massive team he’s paying for, not sitting in front of a bunch of Congressmen who couldn’t identify an oil platform from a lock washer or a stapler. It just seems to me they’re wasting time calling him names and mugging their righteous indignation for the cameras we he should be at work.

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