Have you forgotten, we are at war and our Soldiers bleed…

It’s been a bad month.  My brothers bleed and die at an ever increasing rate.  We soldier on, but the edges are wearing thin.   Nearing the end of my time under arms I see one, maybe two, more tours to the front.  “The Front”?  I almost laugh.  Nobody even realizes there is one any more.  There, is even if America slowly forgets their volunteer Army.  We feed it with Team Zombie Hunters, Executioners, Iron Knights, Warlocks, Ivy, Rats, Honor Riders, Wind Bringers and many more of my brothers every day.  To few come home from each rotation.  Too few.  It’s been a bad month………  Be safe my brothers.  I feel every cut.

About The Pissed Off Tree Rat

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