NFL Week 1 picks

Today we begin life anew once again you Freaks.   As long as my flight back from Kentucky is not delayed in returning me home today it’s back to my ever so missed NFL.  Do I overstate the importance of this day?  I think not.  I shall leave it to The Tygrrr Express who graciously let me steal from his incredibly funny, and insightful, book  Ideological Bigotry as he states:

“For those who know their Old Testament stories, the NFL actually proves God’s existence.  Those who disagree are either ignorant of God or football.  Either way, they are heretics.”

If you have already read the book let me throw in my two cents on two of the questions proffered within as well.   First is that C3PO is British, not gay.   Second is that the Fraggles are indeed Democrats and the Doozers are Republicans.   No clue what the hell that means?  By the book you cheap Freaks.

The POTR picks for entry into the (1-0) club for this week are …….

New Orleans (0-0)

Miami (0-0)

Tennessee (0-0)

New England (0-0)

NY Giants (0-0)

Atlanta (0-0)

Cleveland (0-0)

Denver (0-0)

Indianapolis (0-0)

Detroit (0-0)

Seattle (0-0)

Green Bay (0-0)

Arizona (0-0)

NY Jets (0-0)

San Diego (0-0)

and Dallas (0-0)

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