Random thoughts from the Pissed Off Tree Rat this weekend:

1.  The Detroit Lions are almost there.  After watching them go toe to toe with the Jets, losing in OT,  showed what they’ve been missing for years.  A formidable defense.  To bad the curse of the Lions will have them lose to the Bills tomorrow.

2.  The liberal blogs are oddly quietly since 2 Nov.  Maybe they’re reassessing the thought that the right is full of racists Nazi frakers.  Not all of us are jack asses.  Some of us are normal folks who have normal ideas.  Well…… maybe not me, but I know a few.

3.  Jim Beam Black has the nice subtle soft finish of a rubber mallet.    I kinda like it.

4.  The President Obama Administration better start realizing they need to stop sounding like pretentious condescending jack asses or they’ll be “Jimmy Catered” in 2012.  Even the Euros are treating him like a lame duck already.  That is telling.

5.  Sarah Palin should not run in 2012.  I hate to say this, but the liberal attack dogs have effectively made her a damaged marketing strategy.  It’s not fair, or just, but it is the facts of life.

6.  The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are crippling the military.  Not that the A/N/AF/MC won’t fight and win every battle, but the endless wear on our forces is taking it’s toll.  Too many suicides, too many broken families.  If the people, or God forbid our government, do not want us on the field of battle then maybe it’s time to go.   I have fought: I have won, I have lost comrades, I stand by what I’ve done and will do as the American people want, but I do not want to see a brother die in vain.  American needs to get off the damn fence.  Let the military fight as we need to, kill the enemy, and win the damn war once and for all.  Or….. let us come home.  What are you afraid of?

You know, I think I may just leave it there.

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