Theft of the most brazen sort…. and we keep letting ourselves get bent over.

As I was reading through the FY 11 Budget Earmarks released today I happened upon the Congressional Record CJS%20DCS.PDF (DISCLOSURE OF EARMARKS).  It was just one of numerous document sets released today on earmarks.  This particular set of earmarks was for Commerce, Justice, Science (CJS).  So off I went cherry picking for the biggest in the 29 pages (remember this was only one document of xls listing format) of earmarks into the budget for exclusively CJS.  I don’t have a week to read all the separate earmarks so I just random sampled.  In this specific set of budgetary madness the winner is…………. Glenville State College to the very merry Christmas tune of a nice tidy $10,000,000 to the Center for Teaching Excellence.  After some quick simple searches I discovered that GSC, the “Pioneers”, has an earth shattering massive student body of 1,392 folks.  Not only that, but the University is no longer even a “Teacher’s College”.    Once again, we keep letting Congress do this to us why?

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