Prepare to get Freaky in 2011

Peering deep into the abyss that is the soul of the Pissed Off Tree Rat I stumbled upon a cache of premonitions of the 2011 events to come.  Look with me into the unnatural soul of the squirrel and become one with the Freaks…………

Here are three of my distorted visions predictions of the future year of our Lord 2011, in random order:

State economy failures will cause many to transfer hundreds of thousands off of the 99+week “unemployment filers” to the “welfare” roles as Federal funds are exhausted.  Reality of this new low end social status will kick in with the newest of the welfare herd.   Many will become willing pawns in the ever simplistic political hyperbole of  “Class warfare” and join the swelling ranks of the “It’s not my fault, I’m owed by somebody!”  chant.    The “new poor” will be used by the DNC as a counter to the RNC in an attempt to replicate a Tea-Party-like movement from the new socially disenfranchised.   They will be successful but unfortunately physical violence, reminiscent of the 60s, will become more commonplace.  This movement will be wielded as a tool to repeatedly bash the Republicans as heartless rich old white bastards who refuse to add to the federal debt.  Once again they will succeed and use this momentum to begin the surge of the new disfranchised social zombies to feed the Obama 12 movement.

American psyche will start to veer ever more sharply into an isolationist point of view.  As the American Army starts the final mass exodus from Iraq by Dec there will be less and less tolerance for the Afghan war.  This will reach an up-swell of disfavor for supporting any overseas military action.  The first example of this will be the refusal of the U.S. to commit anything but moral support to the U.N. action to stop a civil war/genocide that will begin in the Ivory Coast in January.  America will be appalled by what the see on T.V., but they won’t really care.  This will rise to the extent of Congress taking the ax to many, if not most, of our international monitory commitments in an attempt to counter the growing deficit.  This will be an easy pill for the American Public to swallow and the will do so with a smile.  Afghanistan will be fully abandoned (a.k.a fall of Saigon style) at the first politically convenient opportunity, but not in 2011.   Americans will demand the military be used to secure the southern boarder with Mexico.  Congress will attempt to repeal the Posse Comitatus Act, but an administrative end run will be concocted between president Obama and Eric Holder to side step around the Act preventing them from actually taking a stand on the issue but in reality allowing it’s dissolution.  Why is that all needed?  Well because of the next point:

Mexico’s government will lose all control of their northern states and degenerate into the near, but not total, anarchy of the circa 1980 Lebanon.  Civil war is not likely, as the drug lords don’t want to be in charge, but the government will no longer be in control.  The U.S. Military will be manning their norther boarder by the end of 2011.  This will further sour relations between Mexico and the U.S. as our Soldiers with nearly decade of war behind them will not take kindly to being shot at by drug runners and the body count will rise on the southern side of the Rio Grand.

The Rat’s visions are bleak.  I hope all are wrong, but now it’s time to drink Sam Adams and clean my black rifle from a good day at the range.

Frak it.  Happy New Year and bring on the noise you Freaks!

-The P.O.T.R

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One Response to Prepare to get Freaky in 2011

  1. Alfie says:

    Gotta add Haiti being a big deal in ’11. I’m thinking it has three general options.
    1. ignore it as it fails but face the other 2.
    2. dive right in. Muster “bipartisan” support to step up in great humanitarian fashion only to see it go the way previous incursions in Haiti and Somalia played out.
    3. play nice and international like while charges of racism and colonialism/imperialism and greed etc flow like that which oozes from a broken cess pipe and then see 2.
    Happy new year

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