The fight continues and the hacks will burn in the digital fires of Hell!

Continued from Fighting a digital Insurrection.

The fight lives on my brothers.  In the standard Hacker ways of lies and betrayal, I was tricked.  The Pissed Off Tree Rat’s forces of digital purity and good won the field of battle and prematurely declared victory.  The fight was long and hard, but the neon blood of digital warriors was spilled with honor.  Even as the Rat’s flag was being raised once again over his domain the insidious hacker insurrectionists were digging ever deeper into their holes and continued to plot against me.  It was in this tactical pause, as I reformed my forces and strengthened my walls, that they attacked.  It was a little used profile, a friendly face in the camp, that was corrupted by the vile dark forces.  It’s soul had been subverted by the chaos within.  As it was granted standard passage through my lines it’s betrayal was laid bare with the launch of the ambush.  My forces, attacked from within and behind, had been caught of guard and bleed data sparks once again.  But the betrayer failed to strike a death blow.  Allowing The Pissed Off Tree Rat to call on a Terabyte  of reserve forces.  The brute force counter assault has momentary pushed the vile code back deep into the digital jungle.  It is hidden and makes noise no longer.  But I can’t rest.  I know it still lurks.  The jungle is deep and dense.  My old school patrols have spotted periodic blood trails along the DOS code directory trees.  The newest of my techie digital scouts have noted sensor pings from my keep’s ramparts.  They lurk and wait for a weakness.  I could go scorched earth.  I could order my forces to retreat to their secure bunkers as I scorch the digital jungle to ashes with the ultimate of reformat artillery called down on their heads, but I can not let my noble forces know such defeat unless there is no other recourse.  I will get them.  I will burn them out.  I will kill them all.  Semper en Hostis.

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One Response to The fight continues and the hacks will burn in the digital fires of Hell!

  1. joelpoche says:

    Good on you for tracking down the origin of entry and taking the hackers to task. I have been silent on the boards for far too long chasing the beret. The chase is over and now I can focus on the important things that were missed, namely friends and family. Keep up the good work. I plan to launch a conversation concerning the latest scare tactic being pumped across the airwaves abour our impending financial doom. All the best.

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