Control, I have summoned the 11th Function fire mission.

It is done.  I unleashed the digital fires of pixelated hell.  My domain has been purified of the vile forces of malware chaos.  The loses were few in the end.  An orderly preparation of the safe harbors of my tera-bunker granted refuge to my forces as I called down the merciless destruction of formating artillery on my crumbling domain.  My Praetorian code stayed behind.  Knowing the fate that awaited them they refused to give ground in the face of annihilation.  It was they who allowed the contamination into the lines.  They choose to redeem themselves by holding the last free gate so the bulk data forces could retreat to the bunkers in safety.   The Praetorian were torn asunder, down to their very binary code, along with all the degenerate hacker forces of evil they stood against.  All were lost in the cold fire.  While noble as their final efforts were, my Praetorian were not strong enough to keep my domain clean to begin with.  They have now been replace with some of the biggest, meanest, nasty merc code warriors I could find.  These Mercs are still heavy handed with the general code population, with numerous checkpoints and frequent detentions for authorization code checks, but they are keeping any potential insurrectionist sympathizers firmly in line.

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