When the left is screaming about the evil Industrialist you never hear of…………..

Steve Jobs.   Yup, evil industrialist.  If moveon.org posts weren’t all written on Macs they may have taken a second between bashing banks and auto companies to note:

Apple makes record profits of $6bn in last three months.

From Apple’s 10-K: As of September 25, 2010, the Company had approximately 46,600 full-time equivalent employees and an additional 2,800 full-time equivalent temporary employees and contractors.

Apple Inc is non-union.  Steve Jobs is famously anti-union.

Apple computers are made in China.

Do I have a beef with Apple?  Nope.  Not all all.  I pray that Mr. Jobs has a speedy recovery from his illness and can quickly return to the helm of his company.  I just found it odd today that Steve Jobs never gets singled out as an anti-union, outsourcing, greedy industrialist pig like the banks, auto companies, sports team owners and anyone else successfull that’s not part of the entertainment industry.   I just can’t figure out how all this selective liberal mindset works.  Not that I’m losing sleep over it.  Oh well, time for a beer while listening to some Udo Dirkschneider on my Zune.

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