More proof that the Obama is wrong and has the dumbest economic advisors in the planet

Who was the ONLY auto company to refuse the Obama deficit inducing union appeasing tax burden on future American generations?  Yup, Ford motor company.  Odd that I had to go to BBC to even find a mention of this….

Ford has reported a profit of $6.6bn (£4.1bn) in 2010 – its best performance in more than a decade.Sales volumes climbed by 20% as the US carmaker credited an improving economy for increased demand for its F-Series pickup trucks.  Meanwhile, sales by value rose by 3% to $120.9bn. The results represented Ford’s second consecutive annual profit – with more than twice its 2009 earnings – but still came in below market forecasts.  The company said it had made money in every region including Europe, where last year it lost money.  Ford is the only major US carmaker that did not take a government bail-out.  And the last time it achieved such a large profit was in 1999.

Next time maybe folks should think twice on betting on crippled ponies with other peoples money.  Is it time to vote again yet?

Yes, I do drive  an F-150.

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4 Responses to More proof that the Obama is wrong and has the dumbest economic advisors in the planet

  1. belesari says:

    I used to swear by chevies like many a man from the south. Now most every man i know says the words. “Next truck i will be a ford.”

  2. Love mine, and they’re MPG is getting better each year. Now if my wife would only let my weld the turret ring to the roof I’d be set……

  3. belesari says:

    Just because you cant have one in the cab doesnt mean you cant build a rigg in the back!!!

  4. Well that’s true, but it’s harder to hear the stereo from back there.

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