Liveblogging the Snow-pocalypse

Atrocious Command Bunker
Somewhere in Eastern Krasnovia
1042 Hours, 1 FEB 11

Since the citizens of greater Krasnovia here have officially announced a snow-day (aka “Shit Your Pants The Sky is Literally Falling Day”), I find myself sitting contently in the warm glow of my computer screen contemplating the greater mysteries of the universe. And how the Old Lady and I will avoid contracting cabin fever.

The chattering masses were all over the television device yesterday proclaiming the end of the world is nigh, so I took it upon myself to conduct a routine inventory of my Zombie Apocalypse survival kit. After topping off on propane last night I boarded up the doors and windows, loaded some magazines, and prepared to defend my cache against the impending deluge of unprepared wretches who will undoubtedly attempt to relieve me of my food, water and clean underwear.

Here in Eastern Krasnovia the ice came right on schedule last night, which has now been replaced with snow. Thus far there have been few issues, other than when the X Box Live crashed for about thirty minutes this morning–creating an emotional event and the DT shakes from being denied a few rounds of Call of Duty Black Ops. But now all is well.

I did get a chance this morning to break out a few CCI primers, some old brass, a pound of IMR 4064, and some .22 caliber 55 grain FMJs. That kept me busy for awhile and then I checked in on my fermenters. Five gallons of melomel–almost ready for bottling–check. Five gallons of apple melomel happily fermenting–check. Five gallons of pilsner almost ready for bottling–check. Five gallons of German Dunkel prepped for racking–check.

Now what to do?

I think I shall take the up-armored Durango out into the wastelands for a quick reconnaissance mission. If I see any mutants out there in Damnation Alley I will be sure to report that here–I’ll do it for the children.

Hopefully the Pissed Off Tree Rat is faring as well out in Central Krasnovia. Comms are spotty right now and he has yet to check on the net. I fear that his compound may be compromised and I am in poor position to lend immediate support.

More to follow later…

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