America is awesome and unique and here’s why: We are free, loud, brash, sometimes stupid, but God bless us we are free.

Love it, or hate it, we can protest.  We can speak freely.  We can spout whatever nonsense we may.  As long as we’re reasonably civil about it we do so without fear of any retribution.  Not since 1970 has an arm of the military fired on civilians in this country.   We’ve had scuffles, we’ve had some incidents, but we can feel realistically safe in the knowledge that we can spout off then return home at night to hug the spouse and kiddies.   We may dish on “The Man” but we know he’s not putting a bullet in our head for saying so.  So to all of you Protesting Freaks out there “Bless you brothers!”.  You may be morons, or you may be geniuses, but I don’t care.  I’m just glad to be an American with the right to have my own opinion on whatever I want, and I hope each of you are too.  Protest your hearts out and please spend just a second being grateful that you can do so without fear.  That’s not as common as you would think folks.  Be loud, be brash and enjoy being free.

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