Strippers Have NO Souls!

Sure, you might have read this title and thought, uh oh, some poor loser got bilked out of all his cash and believed the lines some skank in 7-inch stillettos told him…WRONG!  I am going to unload a horrible series of events that has befallen one of my teammates, a good kid who got caught up in a mind game so twisted that you wouldn’t believe.  It all starts around Thanksgiving last year.  For the sake of families and other good things, our fair team was given a precious few days to relax and enjoy itself after 10 longs weeks of training.  The guys who lived close enough were allowed to head home for some much needed time with the their loved ones, leaving the single kids far from home with little to do.  So what do a bunch of young guys with too much time and nothing else to do get involved in on Thanksgiving night, they head to the Strip Club!  Of all the members of the group, our boy Jeff had no idea what was waiting for him at the bar of the local strip club, but a succubus from hell.  He had no idea that the hot little blonde in the shiny dress was the woman who would wreck his entire existence, cost him valuable friendships and ultimately send him packing from training with nothing more than a rash and a serious case of depression.  How did it go from hugs, kisses and lots of steamy text messaging late into the night to an all out war up and down the scenic shores of our fair city?  You will have to tune in for the next installment of SHNS!

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2 Responses to Strippers Have NO Souls!

  1. Junction City or Leesville?

  2. BayouLogic is out of FL. So I’m guessing GA or Orlando.

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